How to guarantee drivers charging their electric vehicles?





ChargeMap, Sodetrel and Gireve are joining the challenge to develop a solution for reserving charging stations accessible to the largest number of drivers.


With the participation of Chargemap

Thanks to its community of more than 200,000 users and more than 215,000 referenced power points, Chargemap has established itself as the reference application for electric car drivers.

You will find all the charging stations, with the information you need: types of charging points, schedules, means of access, notes and comments from the community, etc. It is the participation of its users that makes Chargemap such a complete application!

And with the Chargemap pass, you can recharge at the terminals of partner networks.



GIREVE is an integrated platform offering innovative services that enable mobility operators to easily build partnerships. GIREVE provides and develops the link that enables true electric mobility roaming by acting as an interface between a diversity of dissimilar systems.


et Sodetrel

Sodetrel has been specialising in electrical mobility for the last 20 years. Our two main activities:

- Offering innovative, customised and scalable services for local or regional authorities, and businesses working with charging facilities.

- Running a full network of charging points.