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Mobility practices are evolving quickly and new services and use cases are developing every day. We have seen a real paradigm shift with regards to car ownership and usage.

  • Firstly, car owners now leave their cars parked 95% of the time and are thus increasingly inclined to use car-sharing platforms to take advantage of this down-time;
  • Secondly, faced with the shrinking notion of ownership, and the subsequent growth in the notion of usage, many alternative transport offers are coming to the fore, one such case is car-leasing which has grown in popularity of late;
  • Lastly, we are witnessing strong development in terms of complementary services regarding car ownership and sharing (e.g. cleaning, pickup & delivery, vehicle inspections, the use of smartphones to unlock vehicles, etc.)

AXA, Renault, Nissan and RCI Bank and Services are active players in this evolution, and would like to share their expertise and experience to create innovative solutions in response to these new transport issues.


The goal of this challenge is to provide active contribution to the construction of a brand new transport offer: Cash & Drive.

Outline of the offer

Cash & Drive is based on four principles:

  • Offer: Cash & Drive is a financially attractive car-leasing service, in exchange for a commitment from users to make their cars available on a car-sharing platform for a minimum monthly duration.
  • Guarantee: Cash & Drive is an innovative product in that it guarantees a discount on the user’s monthly lease by “simply” making the car available on a car-sharing platform (e.g. 10 days per month), rather than effectively hiring the car over the given period.
  • Assurance/Assistance: our offer also includes insurance and assistance services for lease-holders while they are sharing their cars on the platform.
  • Additional services: Lastly, we have imagined further enhancing the offer with additional services such as pickup & delivery, cleaning and pre- and post-hire inspection…

expectations with regards to the challenge

We expect the partnering startups to help our partners validate the hypotheses necessary in the construction of this offer. This validation process will entail:

  • sharing qualitative and quantitative information regarding car-sharing and additional services.
  • undertaking field experimentation, carried out in close collaboration with all the partners involved in this challenge.

Once our hypotheses are confirmed, the startups will be invited to contribute to the construction of the business model for this offer, which should be mutually beneficial for all participating parties.

Possible Experimentation Scenarios

Using activity data and practical usage tests, the goal of the 3-month experimentation stage (October – December 2017) could be, depending on the circumstances and priorities, to assess:

  • the financial viability of such an offer (risk, price, etc.);
  • the desirability of the offer, with regards to potential customers;
  • the offer’s operational feasibility.


Selection Criteria for the Startup(s):

  • Alignment of the service pitched by the startup with the strategic direction of Cash & Drive;
  • Quality of the startup team;
  • Availability of the startup’s resources and data (quantitative/qualitative) with regards to the co-construction of the offer.
Business Opportunities for Participating Stakeholders

Business scenario: following the 3-month experimentation period, the partners and the startup(s) will then continue their work, aiming to create a situation in which the offer Cash & Drive can be officially launched and implemented with a business model that has been validated by all the participating parties.

Expected Benefits:

  • Startup(s): improved user experience, increased visibility due to association with partners, acquisition of new customers who will make their (new or as new) cars available.
  • AXA: acquisition of new (leasing) customers; greater understanding of the insurance market; assistance in the creation of new services; increased visibility with branding on these new services.
  • Renault/Nissan/RCI Bank and Services: strengthened customer knowledge with regards to urban transport issues and new transport services; acquisition of new (leasing) customers, testing of new financial models.

The offer Cash & Drive brings together several complementary partners:

  • Renault/Nissan: sales and marketing teams will be in charge of the distribution of our pilot offer on their customer panel.
  • RCI Bank and Services (Renault-Nissan’s joint bank): marketing team for the design of this innovative leasing offer.
  • AXA: specialist teams in the design of the insurance product, the assistance services and the assessment of the shared risk regarding guaranteed revenue for the leasing owner.

In order to shape an offer and to assess the associated risks, in collaboration with the selected startup, these actors will make their expertise available with regards to operational, actuarial, marketing and/or sales aspects.

  • Christian Mugisha – Innovation Project Manager, AXA Partners
  • Inji Charkani – Chief Innovation Officer, AXA Partners
  • Henri Gurs – Senior Vice President Mobility, AXA Partners
  • Philippe Tobiana – Head of Commercial Performance, RCI Bank and Services
  • Christophe Chevreton – Director, Renault Mobility