How can we provide a smooth charging experience so that ridesharing drivers can better optimize their daily work ?





We are proposing a electric hub offering a charging space in Bastille. In addition, we will have different services linked to the needs of VTC drivers and their EVs. We are looking to optimize their charging time. This is to test the needs of electric vehicle users during charging periods.

The challenge team partners with Mapstr to offer a bouquet of offers and services. Europcar Mobility Group provides a charging space with the NewMotion partner. We will be testing with MARCEL EV-drivers


With the participation of Mapstr

Mapstr is a utility application for users to save all their favorite places instantly. In the same way than Mails, Contacts and Calendar apps, Mapstr aims to be the default application for personal map. Be it personal or business, Mapstr has been designed to help users remember all their favorite places and have them bookmarked in the most efficient way: it’s the map of their own world.

and NewMotion

NewMotion is the leading charging solutions provider in Europe with a network of over 76,000 charge points in 25 countries. Set up in the Netherlands in 2009, NewMotion helps organizations and individuals with smart and safe charging solutions for their electric vehicles thanks to its 360 degree approach. This charging solution actually includes connected hardware, charging services and mobility services.