How to cover the areas little or not served by public transport to make the journey of the Parisians more fluid?





A transport solution on demand for people living and working on the Plateau de Saclay. This public transportation solution will cover areas identified as little or not served.

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With the participation of Padam

Padam offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for optimized on-demand transport services, to help transport operators and cities offer better services in line with the increasing expectations of customers.

Padam uses cutting-edge technology, AI and data analysis, to operate buses dynamically, without any fixed routes or timetables. The passenger books a ride in real time and the AI finds the best vehicle to transport him/her, along with other people.


and Savac

Since 1937, the SAVAC Family Group is committed every day to meet your mobility needs and make you travel with confidence. The SAVAC Group is led by A.C.A Mobilités, one of the leading French operators of road passenger transport by coach and bus. SAVAC is ranked as the leading independent carrier in France by the Wolters-Kluwer publishing group (Bus & Cars).