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CityMakers at Autonomy
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You wish to know more about open innovation? CityMakers’ challenges? Or more widely about NUMA’s activity?

Come meet us at Autonomy for a 45 minutes workshop on October the 19th at 10 am during which we will present you CityMakers program and experimentations lead at the moment about electric vehicle.

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Where : La Grande halle de La Villette, 211 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris

When : From October the 19th to the 21st

Groupe Renault, NUMA, and their partners announce the selection of 9 startups for CityMakers

The 9 selected start-ups will work with the CityMakers program partners and mobility experts to develop and experiment innovative mobility solutions within the city of Paris.

On June 20th, Groupe Renault, NUMA and their partners - Nissan, RCI Bank and Services, AXA, and the City of Paris - launched CityMakers, an open innovation program designed to accelerate the transition toward a more flexible and sustainable urban mobility. To solve the 6 challenges they designed together, the partners ran a call for start-ups over the summer.

The CityMakers partners are introducing today the 9 start-ups they selected for the experimentation phase from October to December 2017.

The 9 selected startups will develop innovative solutions for urban mobility:


Challenge #1

Partnering with Groupe Renault, AXA and RCI Bank and Services, OuiCar, a car-sharing company, will experiment a financially attractive car leasing offer for Peer-to-Peer users.

"The challenge for OuiCar is to increase our fleet and rejuvenate it while providing solutions for easier, more flexible and sustainable urban mobility", said Marion Carrette, CEO of OuiCar.


Challenge #2

Persistant Studios will work with Groupe Renault and the City of Paris to offer interactive and immersive information to passengers in a vehicle.

"Persistant Studios imagines tomorrow's car as an interactive media in direct contact with its environment, to offer new sensory and cultural experiences" explained Valentin Ksiezak and Ivry Mishal of Persistant Studios.


Challenge #3

With Nissan, AXA, RCI Bank and Services and the City of Paris, Karos and Geo4Cast , will provide a better understanding of transportation behaviours to simplify the use of different means of transport in Ile-de-France.

"Karos is delighted to take part in CityMakers to show that a new, more sustainable, economical and efficient mobility is possible in Ile-de-France through the use of shared vehicles and intermodality" added Tristan Croiset, co-founder of Karos.

As a vendor of mobility data solutions and as a frustrated RER commuter, I am delighted to work with Nissan, AXA and others on making multimode mobility better for everyone”, completed François Lainée co-founder of Geo4Cast.


Challenge #4

How to promote the deployment of electric vehicles and their infrastructure in urban areas?

Together, Toucan Toco and Groupe Renault will develop a plateform centralizing all the public benefits and incentives to electric vehicles ownership in Île-de-France.

"Toucan Toco is pleased to have the opportunity to apply data storytelling to electric vehicles in order to help consumers and car sellers push the choice of electric vehicle", said Charles Miglietti, president of Toucan Toco

Dalberg Data Insights, Groupe Renault and the City of Paris are studying behaviours related to electric
vehicles and will develop a decision-making tool to help the City of Paris deploy the charging infrastructures and facilitate the ownership of electric vehicles.

Dalberg Data Insights is very excited to apply its data science know-how to the transition to electric vehicles in collaboration with some of the world’s leaders in that field”, added Alexis Eggermont, co-founder of Dalberg Data Insights.


Challenge #5

Ellis Car and AppyParking will analyze the data generated by connected cars to improve or create mobility services with Nissan and RCI Bank and Services.

"Developer of Machine Learning algorithms and artificial intelligence for connected vehicles to reduce the risk of accidents, Ellis-Car is delighted to bring its expertise to the development of new mobility services", explained Jonathan Bibas, Ellis-Car.

AppyParking comes one step closer to making parking a truly forgettable experience with this incredible opportunity to work with a global innovator such as Nissan”, said Dan Hubert, CEO and co-founder of AppyParking.


Challenge #6

Logiroad will provide a predictive road maintenance solution based on connected vehicle data with Groupe Renault and the City of Paris.

"Thanks to CityMakers, Logiroad will be able to inform local authorities in real time about state of their roads", said Yann Goyat, co-founder and head of Logiroad.


On January 25th 2018, the startups and program partners will present the results of their collaborations during a Demo Day.

The CityMakers partners also organize monthly events on urban mobility and innovation. These events take place at Renault's Paris Open Lab in partnership with OuiShare and Silex ID. Launched in March 2017, Renault Open Innovation Lab – Le Square aims to define new ways of working and to explore the future of mobility by opening up the company's boundaries and encouraging cooperation around new kinds of business organization with players from the French ecosystem.

Flashback on the CityMakers kick-off in pictures

On the 19th of June, Groupe Renault and NUMA launched CityMakers in partnership with Nissan, RCI Bank and Services, AXA and the City of Paris during an event at the Square, Renault Innovation Lab.

During this kick-off the six challenges were presented.

Here are some pictures of this event that gathered more than one hundred people : public and private actors in the mobility sector, startups, ...


From left to right : Henry Gascuel, Innovation Director, RCI Bank and Services; Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, co-founder and CEO, NUMA; Jean-Louis Missika, Paris City Hall's deputy mayor, in charge of Urban planning and Architecture, of the Grand Paris project, of Economic Development and attractiveness; Ivan Ollivier, Lab Innovation Director, Nissan Europe; Nadine Leclair, Nadine Leclair, Expert Fellow Senior Vice-President, Groupe Renault.


Anthony Vouillon, Head of Connectivity and Services for Connected Vehicles, Research Department, Renault. Challenge owner of the Electric Vehicle challenge supported by Renault and RCI Bank and Services.

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